Chanukah Choral Music

See the article: Jacobson, Joshua. “Choral Music for Chanukah,” The Choral Journal , September, 1990.

Compositions mentioned in the article

Al HaNissim Dov Frimer Transcontinental satb, piano
Aley Neyri Chaim Parchi Transcontinental satb, barit. solo
Arise and Be Free
1. Sevivon
2. Yemey Chanukah
3. Mi Yemalel
4. Mi Zeh Hidlik
Steve Barnett Transcontinental satb div
satb div
satb div
satb div
Chanukah Variations Joshua Jacobson Hazamir Publications satb, div
Della Vita/Maoz Tsur Benedetto Marcello Hazamir Publications s, continuo
Fortress, Rock Hugo Weisgall Merion (T. Presser) satb
Haneyros Halawlu Louis Lewandowski Hazamir Publications satb, organ
Hanukah Madrigal Herbert Fromm Transcontinental satb, sop solo
Hebrew Songs Max Bruch Kalmus satb, orchestra
I Have a Little Dreydel Michael Gelbart Hazamir Publications satb, piano, tenor solo
from Judas Maccabaeus:
See the Conquering Hero
Hallelujah, Amen
Handel Kalmus satb, sa soli, piano
satb, piano
Light the Legend Michael Isaacson Transcontinental satb, piano
Maoz Tsur Italian chant HaZamir unison
Maoz Tsur traditional/Binder Transcontinental satb
Mi Zeh Yemallel Joshua Jacobson Transcontinental satb div, barit. solo, tambourine and clay drum

HaZamir Publications, c/o Transcontinental Music Publ. (800) 455-5223
633 Third Avenue, New York NY 10017-6788

Edwin F. Kalmus & Co, P.O. Box 5011, Boca Raton, FL, 33431

Merion Music, Theodore Presser, Presser Place, Bryn Mawr, PA

Transcontinental Music Publications, 838 Fifth Avenue, NYC, NY 10021

In addition to the music mentioned in the article:

Adler, Samuel. Praise Thy Saving Power (TTBB). Ludwig Music L-5220.
Adler, Samuel. The Flames of Freedom (SSA). Ludwig Music L-8111.
Ludwig Music, 557 East 140th Street, Cleveland, OH 44110

Chaim Parchi, Shemen Zach. Transcontinental Publications.
Solomon Golub, Boruch Atoh (SATB). Transcontinental Publications.
Transcontinental Music Publications
838 Fifth Ave., NYC, NY 10021

Jacobson, Joshua (arranger). Candle Blessings for Chanukah (traditional Eastern European Melody) (SATB). HaZamir Publications HZ-044. Jagoda, Flory and Joshua Jacobson (arranger). Ocho Kandelikas (Hanukah song from Sarajevo in the Ladino language) (SATB, guitar or piano, percussion). HaZamir Publications HZ-015. Polansky, David. Hannukah Tarantella. (SATB) HaZamir Publications HZ-035.

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