927South of the Border Touch the Dream CD Touch the Dream From Boston to Berlin From Boston to Berlin
Zamir: Jewish Voices
Return to Poland
Middle East Harmonies Middle East Harmonies jaZZamir JaZZamir

Lights: Music for Chanukah Zamir: Greatest Hits

Zamir: Greatest Hits

Jewish Composers in America

The Songs Live On:
The Zamir Chorale of Boston
Centennial Tour

Shirei Yisrael:
The Songs of Israel

Italia! The Renaissance
of Jewish Music

The Soul of the Sabbath:
Shabbat Zemirot

The Majesty of Holiness:
Masterworks from the Great Nineteeth-Century Synagogues of Berlin, Paris and Vienna
A Sho'o in Gan Eden A Sho’o in Gan Eden
(An Hour in the Garden of Eden):
The Zamir Chorale of Boston
Sings Yiddish
Seasons of Our Joy Seasons of Our Joy Monster & Nightingale The Monster & The Nightingale
Salamone Rossi Hebreo:
Music of the Italian Renaissance

Hear Our Voices

The Zamir Chorale of Boston
10-CD Collection

Jerusalem 3000

Zamir 25

Sepharad 92

A Coat of Many Colors

The Songs We Sang


Zamir Chorale of Boston

1320 Centre Street, Suite 306
Newton, MA 02459

Phone: 617-244-6333

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